We always stick to the essence of an influencer campaign, “Maximize and Convert Fans’ Sympathy among Influencers to the Brands”

Our Resources

①Influencer big data

Our self developed tool「iCON Suite」stores data such as demographics and interests of followers for each influencer. We will help you to research and identify your target audience using THECOO’s originally stocked data.

②Professional marketing team

Members with various backgrounds related to marketing and PR such as major advertising agencies or media will propose measures using their experience.

③Strength in beauty and gaming fields

Since we have been cultivating our influencer networks among these 2 categories for 7 years, we work closely with the most well-doing national clients in each category. Especially, we have our exclusive talents in the gaming category who are the top tier in Japanese gaming field.

④Strong relationships with influencers and also talent agencies

As we have been providing a lot of sponsorships to the influencers and talent agencies even before they became famous, we are in a good relationship with them which leads to over 90% of Japanese influencers coverage.

⑤Knowledges and success cases accumulated as a pioneer of domestic influencer marketing

Not only providing influencer casting, we also extract the marketing issue and propose a solution to utilize influencers at the most.